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Online Marketplaces

We develop online Marketplaces that are relevant to the modern African consumer, enabling talented producers and curators of goods and services a seamless connection with global consumers.



As the media world evolves to new media forms, Zuruweb bridges the link between creator and consumer by designing new media interpretations like podcasting, media apps and content on-demand.



The new way to shop without leaving your couch. Zuruweb creates trendy niche-specific and global e-commerce sites for Africa.

Engaging, Purposeful and Creative.

These are the three forces that drive our business forward. Share our energy? Schedule a chat with us.


Think in new dimensions.

Our quest is to think in new dimensions, exploring new avenues of expression, motivating ourselves to think bigger, better and smarter in a bid to develop exciting new brands that add value to both curator and consumer.

Think bigger.

The power of a big idea cannot be under-estimated. With a simple idea, the world changes. Our quest is to bring to market big ideas that will totally transform the way things are done in society.


Recent Projects

View some of the brands we have brought to market over the last couple of years. Our areas of focus are media, entertainment and ecommerce.

Engaging, Purposeful and Creative.

Do you share our core pillars of motivation? If you do and you have an idea that you believe will bring value to the African market, we’re here to talk