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A podcast with exciting imaging and a clear content direction will capture attention. Compare it to your favorite radio station. It’s exciting, engaging, compelling and riveting.That’s the dynamic personality we aim to achieve with your podcast. Our journey with you starts with understanding your personality, style and objective. That helps us design a signature sound that immediately promotes what your podcast is all about. Our audio producers then produce an engaging set of Intro’s, Outro’s, liners and sweepers that you can insert at strategic points in your episode that act as transitional elements. These transitional elements retain the attention of your listener. Let’s break down what we’re talking about


Good brands have well thought out brand logos. This represents their visual identity. But just like brands have a visual identity, podcasts need their own identity – a signature sound. A signature sound is established through a great set of jingles. These generic jingles often act as standalone commercials. Post them on your social media channels to generate attention. Podcasts can do without any imaging. Great podcasts set themselves apart with a set of generic jingles.


Every episode should open and close with a well produced Intro and Outro (Extro) respectively.


In between, dry drops and liners act as transitional elements often to switch from one talk break to another or to break the monotony of the same voice.
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