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What We Do

Audio Post-production


  • Editing

  • Intro & Outro Creation

  • Jingles

  • Dry drops and liners

  • Background music (Royalty-free)

  • Content Strategy & development

We offer a full suite of podcast editing services that includes editing, cleaning up your audio in post-production by getting rid of the uhm’s, aah’s,  awkward silences, slips of the tongue. We apply nosie redution, compression, amplification to make your audio as crisp and clear as it can possibly be.

But there’s more…

We’ve noticed that most podcasts don’t have a distinct audio identity. No jingles. No opening and closing extros. Are they necessary? Yes. They instantly give your podcast a signature sound. They make your podcast more catchy and instantly recognizable. Take Rick Dee’s Weekly Top 40 Countdown for example. This is one of the most entertaining radio shows ever. The jingles, the liners, the sound effects and interviews (vox pops) within the show all create such an entertaining experience that you want to listen to it over and over again. It’s because of shows like this that we remarked, “I wish every podcast sounded like this!”

And that explains our mission – to create the best imaging possible for your podcast.

Your imaging pack contains a set of generic jingles, liners, stagers, Intro’s and Outro jingles. Your Intro and Outro are two  independent edited audio tracks with an appropriate voiceover. We’ll find the best background music that suits your brand. We’ll write your intro and outro dialogue scripts, record and produce them, and send over the audio files. You do the rest!

Video Post-production


  • Video Editing

  • Short-form video

  • Long form video

  • Instagram Reels

  • Creative Strategy

  • YouTube Thumbnail design

Video is now the most preferred way to grow an audience.

Even Instagram has changed its algorithm to prioritize video content. So if you need an agency to help you script, edit, produce and publish video content around your brand, we’re here!

We’ll help you produce your content into a variety of videos that you can share on various social media platforms – Instagram, X, YouTube #Shorts or long form YouTube videos.

If you want us to come shoot on location, bring it on! We have the necessary equipment, lighting and audio gear to make it a reality. On top of that, we work with defined deadlines so you can have your content as quickly as possible to share with the world. If you have already shot your footage but lack the time to spend in post-production, simply fill in our brief, share your raw footage and we’ll produce it into engaging videos suited to your preferred YouTube or social media platform.

Social Media


  • Strategy

  • Creative Design

  • Calendar

  • Editing

  • Reports & Analytics

  • Amplification

We have a custom package for the busy entrepreneur or influencer who wants intentional presence on social media.

Our preferred platforms are Instagram, Tiktok and LinkedIn. We can design visually appealing content for you every month.

All you have to do is provide your raw footage.*

We’ll apply the music, sound effects, transitional elements and captioning. Factor in audio post-production and your content transforms into a stimulating, engaging piece of work. You can guide the directional strategy, the brand voice and style. We’ll do the rest.

That’s not all.

Because we spend so much time on these 3 platforms studying what works best, we will advise you on the best format and content length. We believe your video should work harder for you.

*Minimum commitment of 3 months required*

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