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Storytelling is the most powerful technique in your content creation arsenal. And used well, you can build an audience almost immediately.

We’ve worked with a couple of Non-Profits and we’ve realized the important role that storytelling plays in funding and stakeholder relationships. And more importantly, the art of telling these brand stories in the form of documentaries, films and video.


This is why we chose to offer ‘Storytelling’ as one of our key services. Our team of communication experts work hand in hand with you to develop a compelling story around your brand. Not only do we craft your script, we take time to understand exactly what you want to say and develop a human interest angle to it. And that’s because any narrative with a human interest angle is instantly memorable. We’ve spent a lot of time here at Zuruweb studying storytelling techniques and we are now at a place where we can work with you to tell your brand story effectively. These techniques include the intro, the hook, dilemma, emotion, characters and more. We wrap your story around scenes that cause people to actively use their imagination. Within a couple of minutes, your listener should be reliving everything you say. This applies to podcast, film, video and print communication. If you are a Non Profit or a B2B brand seeking for a compelling way to create top of mind awareness, the best way to do it is through storytelling.


Documentaries allows you to tell real stories that humanise your brand to help consumers connect with what you’re offering or the values and ethos underpinning your business.

Making a good documentary that’s both professional and engaging is no easy feat. Behind every great documentary is technical expertise, a lot of content planning, strategy, video planning and production know-how – as well as a whole lot of effort. If your goal is to create documentary videos that capture your audience’s attention around your brand’s key objectives, Zuruweb can help. Our experienced and professional production team possess the expertise and technical know-how to create documentary footage that reflects and defines your brand identity.

In case you already have the footage and you’re just seeking a post-production agency to put it all together, reach out to us for a quote.

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